Career Counselling:

It is a process to help us better understand our students and cater to their professional needs. Making decisions on career and education is of utmost crucial as it is going to affect your future. Selecting the right career is equally important as selecting the education for you. Career span is the maximum span in our life and thus choosing it is vital.
The kind of lifestyle one maintains, the ability to grow and interact with others, build relations. Everything depends upon the career we choose and so it is important to understand a counseling need.
Choosing the Right Career Will Lead You Rightly
We at Intladmission guide you through several ways by providing you a set of questions for you to answer. Your responses will help us evaluate the best-suited profile and the parameter which will work fine for you.
At our overseas educational consultant, we give you the right counseling needed to grow your professional like a make a difference. We aim to make your personal goals balance between your career goals by evaluating your needs strongly.
Academic Planning:
We conduct various tests like aptitude, personality tests, and interest tests. These are some that give us a clear insight into our students. Knowing what you are good at, can only help us choose an appropriate direction for you. We assess your abilities, identify your opinion on a different matter, and engage you in activities only to know you better. Our efforts are to help you grow professionally, and choose a pathway for higher education too. Don’t make a career a daunting process when we at Intladmission are there to counsel you.
These decisions you make won’t impact your life now, but will, fortunately, impact your success throughout life.
Admission Guidance:
With an array of academic choices, choosing the right course and subject can be intimidating. Which university is an ideal option? Which college has the best course? Which destination is the best worldwide for the course you wish to pursue?
These are quite a common question that you may ask yourself. Not having an answer can trouble you and result in making the worst decision. We have appropriate tie-ups, suitable references, and great sources to help the student in the admission process.
It is very crucial to be a part of a prestigious college in an international country, to make our career and future best. With great universities come a good package and salary as well as a job. Our relationship with the university boosts the chance for a student to seek admission to the topmost colleges. We would want out student t provide and fill complete admission form with honest details.
Our Admission Guidance Process:
With us, our first step is to provide you free admission guidance and by making you understand the process and know your needs. Each student is assigning a good guider who will posses through your answers the knowledge of knowing which university, location, and the course are suitable. Based on that a tailored package is provided, and a comprehensive detail is given regarding each package.
For studying abroad, choosing the right course is very imperative. Our counselor will give you a list, of course, to choose from. All this will be done by keeping in mind the right course that matches your skills and need. Identifying the right course as well the university and the country that matches your budget will be taken into consideration.
Admission Tests:
There are many international tests that one needs to take and pass to be selected to their desired university. These tests are crucial for admission purposes only and thus it is good if you take a little practice on it. We can help you by preparing you for the admission process and test thoroughly. PTE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE SAT, and ACT are a few of the tests that are required based on the course you’ve selected.
Going abroad does require travel needs to be taken into consideration beforehand. Are you sure you have the knowledge and understanding of the need for documents required? Do you know how to gain a visa for the country, are you prepared with air tickets? If not, you will surely need a professional assistant.
We have helped you throughout by providing you and guiding you with the career choice, university, country as well as course. This is the last and the most important thing you can expect from us.
Visa Assistance:
Applying for a student visa isn’t as easy as getting a tourist Visa. You have to go through a lot of processes, documentation, and procedure that require assistance. We help you through the Visa process by supporting your financial statement, filing the application, and training you to give the interview test. We conduct a mock test for visa process, so you can gain a perspective of how it is done. This will boost your confidence and give you great luck with the Visa application being accepted.
Travel Assistance:
While traveling abroad, there are so many things to look out to. It is not just important to book your flight in advance but to be sure that you get no-hassle after reaching the destination. Having a car to pick you up so that traveling to your hostel/room doesn’t sound confusing will be done in advance All this is needful and preplanning requirement is taken into consideration at Intladmission. We help in selecting the right dates, best discount tickets, departure dates, so booking advance can provide enough concession. Selecting appropriate airlines, guiding with baggage, and luggage weight doesn’t seem to be confusing without counselors.
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